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LET’S PLAY A GAME.  Which would you rather own (as they sit):

A 1966 Ford Mustang with a 289 Hi-Po & 4spd


A 1966 Chevy Nova with a 327 & 4spd?

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  3. travisdukeman answered: 66 Mustang
  4. pompadoursandcars answered: Nova
  5. livelifeforeachday answered: nova all the way
  6. fahrstahl answered: Chevy Nova
  7. generalfatcat1989 answered: nova, may be a bit bigger but its got a lower weight to power ratio
  8. carpecoffeediem answered: Nova.
  9. drivingdreams answered: mustanggg
  10. as-youwishh answered: The Mustang.
  11. idrivewaytoofast answered: Nova all day. Never been a fan of Fucked on Race Day.
  12. raginginsanity answered: 66 Mustang
  13. upintherear answered: How is this even a question… Nova.
  14. sovereignspace answered: The 66 nova without a doubt
  15. bonesstonesandsublimation answered: The Nova, without a doubt
  16. kterkper-sixty-six answered: MUUUUUUSTAAAAAAAANG!!!
  17. hedonismflava answered: Chevy
  18. boxuvrox answered: chevy nova
  19. averagelookingpapi answered: nova
  20. swissstash answered: I’d normally go for the Stang but in the case the Nova is way cooler.
  21. carterscustoms answered: The Nova
  22. showcountdown answered: I’ll take the the Nova
  23. joeschevelle answered: 1966 Chevy Nova
  24. vandertorque answered: nova
  25. crisislove answered: The ‘66 Mustang!
  26. dieseltrucksnwhitetailbucks said: Nova, hands down.
  27. amilkykid said: Nova all day.
  28. pardon-mykush answered: The Chevy
  29. wolfcastle answered: Mustang.
  30. astates answered: 1966 Chevy Nova
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