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Let’s play a game!

1000 HP engines

Would you rather have a:

- 600 cubic inch Hemi, naturally aspirated w/ carbs

or a 

- stroked twin turbo small block Chevy w/ fuel injection?

  1. corvoattano answered: Neither. I would have a Powerstroke or Duramax. /blasphemy
  2. mrgreasemonkey answered: clearly the Hemi… mopar or no car
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  5. jesuscastro answered: stoked twin turbbo small block of course
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  7. youmakemesickimakenosense answered: chevy small block for sure!
  8. lynch455 answered: EFI, all the way.
  9. devil-in-jc answered: hemi hands down. lower it down into a ‘69 Charger and you’ve got gold.
  10. highvolumehighpressure answered: That’s tough, but stroked tt
  11. copyrightchris answered: I’d rather have the small block cause the Hemi wouldn’t fit in my Camaro. I do prefer carbe.d engines, and I’m not a fan of turbo either
  12. toomanywishes answered: Guh.. *Jizz*
  13. lousyshots answered: Hemi.
  14. flushcarsyo answered: Hemi
  15. elijrogers answered: Small Block Chevy
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  17. twhrider answered: Definitely the hemi for me please!
  18. samocalypse answered: Hemi.
  19. tomsalad answered: hemi
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  21. carterscustoms answered: Hemi for the win
  22. bonesstonesandsublimation answered: ahhh, the chevy!
  23. theoldiebutgoodie answered: This is not a technical choice. Just conceptual. Naturally Aspirated w/ Carbs. Always.
  24. objectionmovetostrike said: Twin turbo SBC. More streetable and reliable, Hell, id take a 440 done right before a hemi.
  25. rbooden answered: 600 cubic inch Hemi
  26. brainwaveterrorist answered: N/A all the way
  27. screamingdonkey answered: 600 cui Hemi with carbs.
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