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So, who of my followers own muscle cars?

I would love to hear back (use the submit button if possible).  What are the vehicle specs & do you have a picture?

  1. burnrubber said: Ive got a 1980 camaro, red-orange, in the process of putting a grand national 3.8L in it
  2. whitetrashwarhol said: I have an 84 Mustang GT, Full roller 306 5 spd 373 gears. Building My ideea of what Shelby would of done if He was involved With ford in the 80’s
  3. fantasyrocks13 said: 97 convertible Mustang in red with white racing stripes & beige top. Sadly on it’s last legs and I’ll be getting a new car at the end of summer (hopefully). Convertibles are not good everyday cars.
  4. coco-playalistic said: 1969 chevy chevelle with a 386 stroker engine(i think), my dad owns it, but i like to pretend it’s mine.haha..we used to have an 1988 iroc-z camaro, but some asshole stole it right from our driveway
  5. consistentlyuncool said: i’m beginning the restoration of my 1971 plymouth duster with a 318 v8 on the 904 torqueflite 3spd auto trans.…
  6. jankertown said: 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda. 440 6BBL, 4 speed…
  7. the-disturbed-one said: I have the 1966 Shelby cobra dual roll bar with American racing torque thrust II rims with a 428 big-block and cermacoated side pipes (: It has 420 horse power 380ft-lbs of torque Weighs in at 2980lbs Has nitto 555 tires 245R17 in front 315R17 rear(:
  8. aintitrae said: I have a ‘12 Camaro 2LT RS. Not that impressive, but it’s my baby.
  9. restroom said: Restoring an ‘87 Buick Grand National (not ready for its close-up), driving an ‘08 (LS3) C6, and dreaming about a ‘70 Chevelle to build around a 632.
  10. jakexp said: 1965 XP Falcon, 4 door sedan, 302W C4, rack and pinion steering, 330mm twin pot brakes, bench seats. 5 slow years down, 2 to go..……
  11. foxxman007 said: Muscle car, no. Chevy C Pickup 1993 305 chevy smallblock 170hp shortbed benchseat, and a few dings. Lol
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